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A new collaboration

A new collaboration and open call with GALLERY GALLERY is coming soon..

.../CC01 Exhibition

Opening evening of the .../CC01 Exhibition at Tique art space 2019

A new project

Otherwise known as .../CC01, the first edition of CC (Carbon Copy) invites artists who use writing in their artistic practise to become part of our network and share their texts with the audience (and each other). This open call would like to explore how different distribution methods and engagements can influence an offline circulation of content by establishing a new scribal network. Within the network, texts will circulate freely and readers/writers can modify, adapt, appropriate, comment, etc...

.../CC01 was inspired by samizdat, an underground self-publishing network that originated in the Soviet Eastern European countries because of censorship.

During the exhibition in June, all the contributing text will be shown and audiences will be invited to ‘copy’ the text in a method they deem fit. All copies created during the exhibition will be added to the show. The event will be hosted by Tique art space on 6 June 2019

‘Multiplied 2018’ a publication for this years exhibition!

The publication box contains an edition of 30 prints with drawings of all the works in the exhibition and a map.

These boxes are made in a edition of 80 and they are available at Troebel Neyntje.


This publication was made possible by Troebel Neyntje.

All of the drawings are made by Susan Kuijpers.

Opening Evening

Opening evening Multiplied 2018 at Troebel Neyntje!

Multiplied Open Call 2018

Send us your idea for a multiple!

Exhibition 2017

The poster for our first exhibition is finished!!!


Multiplied offers a platform for artists to show and distribute multiples of different shapes, sizes and media in a limitless way. The exhibitions of multiplies are always realised in collaboration with various artist-run spaces and are curated by Susan Kuijpers. Multiplied has organised two editions of the exhibition.

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