About .../CC01


.../CC01 (Carbon Copy)  was inspired by samizdat, an underground self-publishing network that originated in Soviet Eastern European countries. Living in a climate where publications were heavily censored by the government, people started forming an underground network through which they could freely distribute text & image, appropriately naming it sam (Russian; “self, oneself”) izdat (Russian; “publishing house”). Because of limited access to photocopying machines and other equipment, readers had to resort to copying the literature by hand, often editing and appropriating it along the way, and passing their copy on to the next reader so it could be copied again. This way, the movement blurred the traditional role of the author, reader, editor, publisher and bookseller. In today’s literary climate we still see a very traditional take on these roles in the offline world, but online there is a similar shift happening: once published on the worldwide web content can be easily copied, modified, and circulated in ways beyond our control.


“By reproducing a text by typing it, the samizdat “reader/scribes” exceeded the responsibilities traditionally ascribed to the recipient of a literary work, in so far as they established a new edition of the text, designed the external layout of the book, and became engaged in the further dissemination” (p.156)

About In The End, Books? and Multiplied


In The End, Books? is an independent artist books publishing house founded by Elena Op ‘t Eynde & Dexian Feng in 2016. They publish young artists who use aspects of publishing as part of their artistic practice. They work closely and collaboratively with the artist to ensure that the publication—a physical or digital edition—is produced cohesively alongside the artists’ practices. The publications go on to be a part of exhibitions, websites, open calls, and beyond. Besides collaborating they also work on self-initiated publishing projects that allow them to further experiment with the boundaries of the medium. Currently these projects are mainly focussed on the creation of new platforms that can bring together the publication and the artist.



Multiplied offers a platform for artists to show and distribute multiples of different shapes, sizes and media in a limitless way. The exhibitions of multiplies are always realised in collaboration with various artist-run spaces and are curated by Susan Kuijpers. Multiplied has organised two editions of the exhibition.



About the project

Through organising the open call that leads to an event/exhibition, .../CC01 thrives to connect artists who use writing as part of their artistic practise with each other and new audiences. All writings submitted by the artists will be on showcase and audiences will be invited to copy, modify, adapt, appropriate, comment, and leave behind another version of the modified text. This annual project, inaugurated in April 2019, seeks to create a network of artists from Antwerp, Belgium and all over the world, irregardless of age, language and geographical location. At the end of the event, participating works will be collected in an accessible online archive.

Email : carboncopyplatform@gmail.com

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